An expensive van may lead to cheaper insurance

When you’re starting out in business, those who are serious about making a go of it want to get everything right from the start.

This is inclusive of getting to and from site, where this is essential for providing your service to that absolute best of your ability. Without protecting the wheels that do that for you, you are in essence jeopardising your livelihood.

The tendency is to overlook this aspect and many start-ups buy a van, sometimes inappropriate for purpose, and take out the cheapest van insurance just to get them on the road.

What they don’t realise at first is that by spending a little extra on the van, one delivering better fuel efficiency, compliant with Euro III emission levels and spending on security such as steering locks and immobilisers can actually help drive down the cost of van insurance, especially for young drivers who are heading out on their own for the first time.

van insurance brokers take your business seriously – so should you

You may be under the impression that a broker is only after your money; of course, they have to make a profit to stay in business but they do reward individuals who put effort into protecting their livelihood, as they are less of a risk than those who approach van insurance and their business with a devil-may-care attitude.

compare van insurance quotes online

Van brokers judge aspects of your application for insurance in different lights; their business strategies mean that some things that you do mean a different risk, depending on who is underwriting them.

Do not just take your first quote; shop around – comparison sites like this one have made it an easy function. You never know, that investment you’ve made protecting your van and your business may even pay for itself!

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