£60 fine or 3 points and high van insurance?

An incentive in Dorset that has been running for twelve months is about to get a boost with the addition of extra detection systems to help catch drivers who are breaking the law.

The “No excuse” initiative offers all drivers who they pull over and are adjudged to be flouting the law the opportunity to pay the fixed fee of £60 to attend a driving course rather than risk spending a day in court and having three points on their license plus a further fine and higher van insurance premiums in the future.

Given the choice, most drivers opt to pay the fine there and then if they know that they have no chance of protesting their innocence in a further hearing. And it’s not as if it’s a straight forward contribution to the Dorset policeman’s ball, the driver does have the opportunity to refresh their driving skills at a predetermined course for their money.

commercial vehicle drivers welcome the move

Having to go back to your boss, if your job is a truck or van driver, and tell him you’ve racked up more points on your license is not easy. Especially if he’s made it clear that the business is looking to cut costs throughout, as many are in this current economic time of uncertainty, including fleet van insurance renewal which will be affected by poor driver performance.

This opportunity negates all of these possibilities; the boss would rather give you a morning off to take the test and an understanding boss may even pay the £60 for you rather than risk increasing van insurance in the future.

What is a hot-spot not? Not a good spot.

Areas in Dorset prone to accidents have been targeted in the first year of the “No excuse” campaign. Officers have been on the lookout for the usual criminality expressed by drivers who may not be abusing the laws on purpose but nevertheless are risking the safety of others through their actions, such as using mobiles, speeding, driving under the influence of drink and drugs or not wearing seatbelts – all of which will lead to higher van insurance premiums if prosecuted, even losing your license as a mandatory punishment for serious drink driving.

For the second year of the campaign ten of the police vans involved in the monitoring of drivers have been fitted with lasers that will enable crime detection from even greater distances, keeping the Dorset roads safer and improving road safety into the bargain.

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