Searching for cheap van insurance demystified

Whatever you’re in business for, even if you use your van solely for personal use*, finding cheap van insurance is easier now than it’s ever been.

Gone are the days of traipsing the high street with your vehicle documents and personal credentials in a manila envelope: you can do your search for your new van cover from the comfort of your home.  You don’t even necessarily have to talk to anyone if you apply online!

You can approach van insurance providers direct, one at a time – as was the case when you used to wear out your shoe leather for the sake of saving a few bob. However, that is perhaps a long-winded way of doing things as many of the top van insurance providers now offer their product through van insurance comparison sites, such as this one.

It really does take the headache – and time which you could be doing something much more worthwhile – out of listing the same information, time and again, when you can input your details into one form and those sites you would have approached direct pitch their results against their competition and you get your cheapest van insurance quote in seconds, based on the information you provide. It really is that simple.

There are a couple of things you ought to keep in mind, though, when you do your search.

Number one is the detail of the van you are looking to insure. In order to extract the best results from your search for the perfect van insurance quote, do make sure you are armed with the relevant information beforehand.

All comparison sites differ slightly, but here is a quick list of articles that you may be prompted to fill in information about, during your online application:

  • the year the van was made,
  • how many owners have been behind the wheel,
  • does it have a full service history,
  • what is the engine size and its load capacity,
  • what is the van primarily to be used for during the course of your day-to-day business,
  • what security measures, such as steering lock and immobilisers you have had fitted
  • and even if you have a logo on the van

Having all of this to hand before you start your search will save hold-ups as you go through the simple process and hopefully ensure you get a cheaper van insurance quote than you had expected when you set out on your quest.

*Many van drivers or business owners often make the mistake of insuring their vehicle for the commercial purposes for which they are going to use it, however, overlook the personal use side of commercial vehicle cover.

If, Heaven forbid, you were taking five out of your schedule to run George and a couple of his friends to the school football match and you had an accident whilst you were in the process, chances are your van insurance will not cover you if you’ve not taken that extra out as an ancillary to your base van insurance policy.

Make sure that, whatever you intend to use your van for, it is detailed when you apply for your van insurance renewal quote.

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