Van Drivers Who Passed Their Test After 1996 – READ THIS

Are you a van driver who passed your driving test on or after the 1st January 1997. If so, then you MUST read this important message.

Ignore this and you could lose your license, get a fine…and even end up behind bars at her Majesty’s pleasure.

Now that I have your attention allow me to tell you exactly what this is all about.

Put simply, anyone who passed their driving test after 1996 is limited to driving vehicles that weigh up to 3500kg when fully loaded. This includes the weight of the driver as well.

If you are a tradesperson or courier driver…then its very easy to go over this 3500kg limit, especially when your van is loaded with tools or parcels.

Also, if you have been hitting the big macs or pizza hut hard recently, then it might be a good idea to eat a salad and hit the gym…hard.

Most van drivers either don’t know about this rule or wrongly assume if the weight of their van is below 3500kg then everything is hunky dory.

For example, the average Ford Transit which is very popular on our UK roads is around 2000kg soaking wet.

However, when you consider that two people can be sitting in the front and there is an assortment of heavy tools in the back…then it’s easy to see why so many van drivers are unwittingly breaking the law.

So are the cops cruising around and looking to bust you for being overweight? They might be, although most of the time they come across your crime by accident.

Many van drivers might be involved in a small fender bender and then the cops show up on the scene.

Nobody is at fault, and after both parties have exchanged details everybody is ready to leave…when…”what is the weight of your van, sir?”

The cops have a nose for this kind of thing, and busting you for being overweight is the cherry on top for them.

Hauling hardened criminals into jail…that is their bread and butter.

Busting overweight van drivers…that is their cherry.

Don’t let the cops pop your cherry. Visit a local weighbridge and make sure you are under the 3500kg limit.

If you regularly driver over the limit then you need to take additional driving tests to become legal.

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