Do You Obey These 3 Strict Rules for Van Drivers?

There is nothing quite like taking to the open road in your van. You have tools or parcels in the back, and the wind sweeps through your hair.

You are the king of the road there is no doubt about that. Master of your own destiny and controller of your financial future.

If you are the boss then owning your own van is essential, but there are certain rules you need to obey. Do you know what they are? Keep reading…

Rule 1 – Duty of Care

Have you ever heard of something called “duty of care?” Most van drivers haven’t, but they really should.

Why? Because duty of care is a set of rules which companies have to abide by when operating vans. Things such as the incorrect maintenance methods or improper loading methods. If you or your staff get it wrong then you can expect a fine when caught.

The maximum a company can be fined is £10 million pounds. Definitely not small change is it.

Even if you are only a small company you can still be fined around half a million quid. So make sure you get it right and get up to speed with the Duty of Care Rules.

Rule 2 – Mobile Phone

You are a busy business owner who needs to be in constant contact with customers, clients, and suppliers. If you get an important phone call while on the road…what do you do?

If you choose to “answer it” then you have just broke rule number 2 of driving your van. Never use your mobile while at the wheel.

The penalty for breaking this rule? 6 points on your license and £200. If you are a young van driver then could even lose your license.

It doesn’t matter if you are stuck in a traffic jam, getting lunch at the McDonalds drive-thru, or just checking your emails…if you are caught with your hand on the mobile then you are really in trouble.

Rule 3 – Compare Van Insurance

If you have been with the same old boring van insurance company for the last few years then you have just broke rule number 3…ALWAYS compare van insurance.

Sure, we are biased, because as you may have noticed, we are a comparison website, but that also means we know what we are talking about.

The simple fact of the matter is that van insurance companies DO NOT reward you for your loyalty. Perhaps you are wondering why your van insurance gets more expensive year after year? It’s because they don’t care about you.

The solution? Compare van insurance right here from around 40 companies and brokers who partner with us. If you find a cheaper deal then switch right away.

You should do this every single year. It only takes 3 minutes to fill in our form. What is 3 minutes of your time when you could save hundreds of pounds.

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