Van Drivers VS BMW Drivers – Who Wins? Derbyshire Decides

Who are the most hated drivers on the road? Is it those white van men who get so much bad press, or is it BMW drivers? Read on…

It was the county of Derbyshire who were asked their opinion, that place which is famous for being the neighbour of Nottinghamshire.

2000 people in Derbyshire were surveyed and the results surprised many, including me.

I admit, I thought it would be a whitewash against the white van man, especially when you consider how they are often unchained, unleashed and unhinged.

The tide has turned though, and members of the public are seeing that most white van drivers are not a bad bunch really.

That is why it was BMW drivers who were voted the “most hated” in Derbyshire. They came out on top, and were universally condemned as the “worst drivers” on the roads in and around Derby.

White van owners did not get off completely scott free though. They are no angels and butter would not melt in all of their mouths.

16.5% of Derbyshire residents thought that white van drivers are the worst on the road, and they have no doubt seen their fair share of road rage and dangerous driving from our very own white van men.

Its nothing compared to those BMW drivers though…where 31.2% of Derbyshire residents voted them as the very WORST. Nobody else comes close.

Here at CVI we would like to take this opportunity to jump in and defend the white van drivers. Sure they do a few naughty things now and again, and they might even go on tour and get in a bit of bother…but when it comes down to it…ask yourself this question…where would you be without them?

Where would you be without that delivery driver from Amazon delivering your package just in time for Christmas?

Or where would you be, Derbyshire residents, without the hard working roofers, builders, and electricians who keep your houses in top nick throughout the year?

It is these white van owner tradespeople and delivery drivers who are the foundation of our society, and they deserve a bit more respect, in our opinion.

No, we are not white knighting the white van men…we are simply bringing a bit of clarity and common sense to the situation.

Just like our 3 minute form brings clarity and common sense to the van insurance world.

In an industry where sky high prices are the norm, its refreshing to find somewhere that cheap van insurance quotes are not designed break the bank, and are in fact, designed to save you a packet.

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