Top 5 Van “Pun” Names Revealed

There is nothing wrong in calling your van based business something like “Dave’s Removal Company” or “Jane’s Plumbing.” It gets the job done.

However, some people like to get creative, to the point where their business is based around a “pun” and it makes everyone say “ahhhhh” when they hear it.

Not only that, but when you drive your van down the high road and your pun business name is printed on the side, then everybody stops and stares and points. Some people even give you a wave.

So what are the top 5 van “pun” names? Keep reading to discover more…

He-Van, Movers of the Universe

Our favourite has to be this one. “He-Van, Movers of the Universe” just has a certain ring to it, don’t you agree? It is the type of pun that has no doubt put this van based removal business on the map.

They have been Movers of the Universe in Brighton since 2010, and word of mouth suggests they keep on going from strength to strength.

Spandau Valet

Coming in at a close second is “Spandau Valet,” who, as you might have guessed, are a mobile valet company operating out of a van.

They have taken inspiration from that famous 80’s band that we all know and love, while at the same time, they apparently use Cheap Van Insurance to get amazing quotes for valet companies. Good on them I say.

Floral and Hardy

If you sell flowers and you deliver them directly to the doors of your customers, then you need a name that stands out, wouldn’t you agree?

That is why “Floral and Hardy” takes the number 3 position our list. Simple but effective…just like CVI and our 3 minute form.

Barber Streisand

Mobile hairdressing and barbers are becoming more popular, and they use LCV’s to get around and go to cut and shave their customers hair.

One particular mobile barber has come up with the pun “Barber Streisand.”

“Amazing”…is all we can say!

Bonny Tiler

Cheap Van Insurance is known for being the home of tradespeople with vans around this nation of ours…especially tilers and roofers.

That is why the name “Bonny Tiler” really caught our attention and deserves its rightful place right here on our top 5 list.

I’m sure the owners of Bonny Tiler are “holding out for a hero” every single year at van insurance renewal time…and then they find their hero…CVI…The website of the people!

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