Van Insurance Down 5%? (And Important Announcement)

“Could it be?” Van drivers such as yourself are saying around this nation of ours. “Is van insurance really down in 2018?”

According to Consumer Intelligence that is exactly what is happening right now. Van insurance is down…and it is down a whopping 5%!

Why? Mainly because of the Civil Liability Bill, which means it is easier to crack down on the fraudsters and save the van insurance companies from having to pay out for fraudulent claims.

They can then pass on the savings to you, the hard working van driver.

I wouldn’t get too excited if I was you. Don’t start breaking out the party hats and balloons just yet, because if I was you then I would consider two important factors first.

Number 1: Do you really trust the van insurance companies to hold their promise and keep on passing on the 5% into your bank account? How long until it goes into their bank account? Think about it.

Number 2: Although van insurance is down over the last 3 months by 5%…over the last 4 years and 6 months it is actually up by 34.9%. The overall trend is simple…

Van Insurance is getting MORE EXPENSIVE!

The solution is to use a van insurance comparison website, such as ours, and then get quotes from as many companies as possible.

Many of our trusted partners fight with each other to win your business. And is the reason why you will find such cheap quotes.

Thousands of plumbers, carpenters, white van men and women, electricians, men (or women) with a van, removal companies, and LCV owners have used our simple 3 minute form to get cheap van quotes time and time again.

Give it a try for yourself right now.

P.S. Important Announcement From CVI

Imagine…finding a lost sheet of music written by Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Or picture this…finding a lost painting by Pablo Picasso. Something that nobody has ever seen before.

Well, here at CVI headquarters we have something just as amazing.

As you may be aware, our Chief News Reporter was recently arrested in France and sentenced to 7 years in the maximum security prison de Bordeaux. We believe he is innocent.

Yesterday we were sorting through his desk, looking for any clues of innocence when…

We found a single sheet of A4 paper, still fresh, like it had only been ripped out of a pad yesterday.

This piece of paper features the last known work of our CNR. Quite possibly his last composition. Who knows.

At the top of the page was the headline:

“Full Metal Bracket.”

And although an unfinished piece, it is an instant classic. Quite possibly his best.

We will be posting it next week for all of you CVI enthusiasts to read and then our JNR will finish it off with a few facts about the news story.

Make sure you tune in for that…oh…and don’t forget to fill in our 3 minute form if you want Cheap Van Insurance.

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