27% of Accidents Caused by This Van Brand

Van drivers are a predictable bunch. They pack their ham sandwiches and flasks of tea and get road rage at 8:25am every morning.

In between eating their lunch and honking their horn…they also get into accidents. Sad but true. But if there was no accidents there would be no need for van insurance, and that would mean…

Cheap Van Insurance wouldn’t exist And we can’t have that, can we?

So van accidents are here to stay, and there is one particular brand of van that is right at the top of the accident Premier League.

The award goes to…


That’s right, if you drive a Ford van then according to a recent survey you are most likely out of all van drivers to be involved in a pile up or fender bender.

The survey shows us that 27% of accidents are caused by a Ford.

More specifically, it is the Ford Transit which is the number 1 culprit…

And even more specifically, it is the…yes you guessed it…

The WHITE Ford Transit van.

In other words, the WHITE Van Man.

When will they ever learn? Never if you ask me.

We should have guessed it though shouldn’t we? Did we really need to look at the survey to know that white van owners would be making an appearance right at the top of the list? We could have easily guessed the outcome.

That’s not to say all white van drivers are out of control and back to the “Summer of Rage,” but as the weather starts to turn frosty and chilly, I reckon some white van drivers need to chill out a bit.

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27% of van accidents might include you…but…if you save 50% off your current price then it puts you in a pretty good position, wouldn’t you agree?

Back to the survey and other van brands most likely to be causing destruction on our nations roads include Vauxhall (17%) and Volkswagen (11%).

No matter what make, model, or colour of van you drive…and no matter if you are a saint or a sinner while behind the wheel…you can get cheap van insurance quotes at the click of a button right here.

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