Sliders: like legs, useful tools if you know how to use them

There are certain aspects of your business that you’re not going to change just in an attempt to get a cheaper van insurance quote, for sure. But being aware of those factors when you go online for van cover can help you in the decision-making process alongside other key features that drive down the cost of van insurance; enough, anyway, to know enough not to fret about what you can’t change. Done bun can’t be undone, to coin a phrase from the great Mr King, himself (which has just made sense to me for the first time writing this article, although I must have first read that line in Insomnia – and again and again, since – ten years hence, at least).

Use tools like calculators to discount your van insurance renewal premium

One of the great evolutions of the latter day Internet is the ‘slider’ or, in rudimentary terms, aspects that you can tinker with when you’re making up your quote to deliver the best (not necessarily cheapest) van insurance quote for your business. Yes, you want to save as much as possible on an expense that you may never need, but not to the extent that if you do need to claim on it, you jeopardise its to you.

The factors that can’t change, such as location, your age, even to some extent, the amount of miles you’re going to drive to service your customer base – they’re not going to come to you, after all – they’re pretty much set in stone; albeit adjusting the frequency of the latter without compromising service issues could be something to look at to save all manner of costings, like wear and tear, fuel, man-hours and, of course, cheaper van insurance.

The aspects you could look to change with the aid of a slider, or calculator, is the ancillary products to your van. What level of security delivers you the best cost-saving, even to the extent of paying for itself, for instance. For the sake of spending £80.00 on a good steering lock, for instance, what is the equivocal discount and at what period of time would that article be an asset to your business and not an expense?

The same with immobilisers and vehicle trackers. Okay, they may seem like extensive outlay when you’re starting out in business but, providing they work as the deterrent you anticipate, they will prove beneficial in the long term, especially when you factor in any no claims bonus that you may otherwise not have saved on over the course of time you have had them installed.

More coming up about making cheap van insurance quotes online work for you, even if you think the odds are stacked against you.

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