Whiplash backlash under control, say Alphabet

Alphabet representative Matt Sutherland has reassured fleet operations managers that they need not be embroiled in the fallout from last week’s Transport Select Committee’s hearing addressing the spurious whiplash insurance claims that continue to dog the auto industry.

Bogus personal injury claims are reputedly costing the insurance sector £20M per annum, the costs of which are being passed back to the consumer when they come to renew their fleet, car or van insurance. Mr Sutherland is urging the ‘blameless’ fleet operators to take heart in the fact that, although there has only been an outcry in the general public very recently, Alphabet Accident Management has been monitoring the situation for a lot longer.

The implementation of market leading and tested techniques is already putting the Accident Management specialist at the forefront of protecting fleet van’s insurance costs and no claims bonuses in a variety of ways.

According to their data, gathered over a longer period of time than recent backlashes have been making the headlines, suggests that the methods they use can help prevent dubious personal injury claims against a fleet’s truck or van insurance by almost a half, for third party cases brought against them.

With the results of claims being negated in hand, fleet operatives can reinforce their claim for cheaper van insurance when it is time to renegotiate their cover with their brokers.

An independent study of over two thirds of operations that make up the Alphabet Fleet Report reported that their fleet insurance policies had not changed over the last twelve months; in stark contrast, the rise attributed to personal injury claims by the insurance sector for motors in general was as much as 30% based on 2010 data.

As well as providing Accident Management to a large sector of their more prominent customer base with their lease hire contracts, Alphabet, working closely with insurers to help bring claims such as whiplash down, can offer Insurance Inclusive Contract Hire. Not only do they take the worry of catering for your needs as a result of accidents and making sure they’re leasing the right vehicle for your needs, they can now, with their fixed contracts, offer competitively priced van insurance, too. Obviously, this is subject to an assessment of your previous annual claims history.

Check out how competitive they are by comparing them to our cheap van insurance providers to see if you need to include cover or whether you are able to find cheaper insurance yourself and therefore take out the lease hire and accident management aspects only with them.

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