Total accident management win Beeb fleet management contract

Total Accident Management have had their bid accepted, in the face of stiff competition from other accident management specialists, by the BBC for the huge fleet of cars and vans for the imminent future. This will entail them looking after the TV corporation’s entire fleet, whether they be on lease-hire or owned by the company.

Much of the emphasis will be not only on managing the fleet on a day to day basis but also handling the multitude of occasions when they will be dealing with car and van insurance companies when making a claim. It is with fleets of this size, as we’ve reported previously on, that you really do have a bargaining tool to deliver cheap van insurance from your broker.

Penny Stoolman has welcomed the challenge, believing their organisation, Total Accident Management of which she is the managing director, are perfectly poised to optimise the BBC’s vans on the road time whilst helping to stave off runaway repair costs when handling third party van insurance companies.

She went on to confirm that they already have a damage evaluation system in place, presumably one of the many reasons the BBC have entered into the contract with them, which will not only stand them in good stead for the duration of the contract, but they hope to lay down procedures that will hopefully win them the business again by being transparent with its vehicle awareness to help “…its fleet accident approach over the coming years.”

The existing relationship Total have with the BBC’s third party suppliers, such as body-shop repairists for the larger damage and fleet insurance providers for the smaller claims, was also imperative to Total winning the contract. The kick-off date is set to take place in just six week’s time.

Total will also be called upon to manage the many transactions the BBC has with lease-hire and van rental companies, whose numbers are included in the proposed fleet of 24,000 vehicles. One would surmise that, with the Olympics very much on the horizon and the amount of coverage envisaged, the Beeb will need larger vans to get recording equipment event-side at the drop of a hat, so a company with existing communication lines to van rental specialists who hold both the volume and the availability of such vehicles was vital to ensuring the winning bidder could deal with such a large, dynamic project.

This is very much a reciprocal operation between the two companies. The BBC are making strong moves to improve their customer services throughout their delivery fleet; meanwhile, they will aid Total in their own drive for super-efficiency by completing satisfaction surveys once they have carried out ongoing repairs for the Beeb‘s drivers.

We’ll have some insight ourselves in the summer, as we all take in the coverage from London, to see just how smoothly we have visuals from every event on our home turf, from venues up and down the country. We’re sure the collaboration will be a Total success.

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