Van insurance in the short term

You’ve made the decision that it’s time to buy a new van for your existing business or, even better, you need a commercial vehicle because you’ve decided to knock the 9-5 on the head and make a go of earning a living going self-employed. Congratulations, if you have.

Either way, you’ve seen the perfect van to suit your requirements but are a little uncertain of what van insurance cover you need to protect yourself on the road whilst you’re bringing it back to the yard.

If you’re in business already, it’s likely that you’ve got an existing van insurance policy that you want to run its course or, if you’re a start-up, you need to pick up the van from the showroom but you’re still a while away from actually launching your new business.

How do you get the van back without risking your no claims on your existing van cover or having to waste precious time on a new full-term policy as the van sits idle whilst you put the last missing pieces together before opening your doors to the public?

Welcome to cheap, short term van insurance

The short answer is: take out a short-term policy which will cover you from a to b, which is a lot cheaper than forfeiting what’s left on your existing policy and risking your no claims or paying for cover whilst your van sits glinting on your drive, going nowhere.

There are indeed other circumstances when this type of cheap van insurance is appropriate, such a when you are borrowing a friends van or lending your own, lending your van to someone looking after your business whilst on vacation (short term policies usually range between 1-28 days) or you take on a large order and you need a larger van or need to make extra delieries purely for the duration of that contract.

There are perameters set for which you as the driver have to qualify that can differ slightly between different van insurance entities, but most run along the lines of the list at the end of this article.

The will also be limits on the van you’re looking to bring back, if it’s been modified or souped-up – you really are best to include these mods when you search online for your cheap van insurance cover.

  • The terms of the driving license you hold are usually along the following guidelines:-
  • Your UK Driving license is current and been held (by YOU) for 6 months minimum, or.
  • You’ve held a current, full EU licence for a minimum 12 months concurrent, or
  • hold a current Provisional driving licence
  • Age matters, however van drivers tend to be between the scale offered, which is typically 18-75
  • There will be a limited number of accumulated points allowed, within a given time frame, along the lines of six or seven points within two years
  • Disqualifications count, too; check if you’ve been banned within the last two to three years
  • And finally your own driing record will have a bearing; if you’ve been at fault and named in two previous claims within a given period, again 2-3 years, you may not qualify

Last updated on January 11, 2012

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