SAAB – a way back in?

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Although Vauxhall are GM’s ‘front of house’ in the eyes of the UK auto market, they have never had tie-ins with SAAB UK. As of yet, the Vauxhall directorship have had no word from GM that they are to step in as the parent company in America have done.

What a coup that would be to raise Vauxhall’s profile, having a dream range next to their own car and van brands for sale.

Whether it is cars or vans, Vauxhall have little success in achieving ‘prestige’ status – if they could negotiate with SAAB UK, if GM permit them to, they have the perfect business model.  GM designers and engineers have dealt with many models from concept; Vauxhall have plenty of UK outlets and the back-up of service centres across the UK that could solidify SAAB warranties and current car and van insurance policies.

What a trick they’d be missing if they didn’t take this bull by the horns and wrestle it until it mooed into submission.

Motor regulatory body’s no comment status

Motor Codes, a point of reference and self-regulated body of good standing within the automotive sector, can offer no specific advise to drivers without warranties, and subsequently questionable insurance cover, on the subject at this moment in time.

This is primarily due to the premature stage and uncommon circumstances. Although SAAB is a recognised brand across several niches, its auto section is further divided into individual profit- (or loss-) making arms, each in different stages of going to the wall, to coin a slang phrase.

Motor Codes’ advice is simply contact the dealer to discuss your warranty and, if they have answers they’ll tell you; if not, you can either go get your vehicle repaired and foot the bill or hold out until more information becomes available.

What is certain is that, for anyone who owns SAAB whilst the company face these challenges, could be crippled by car or van insurance renewal policies.

With no approved dealerships or spare parts traders, companies in a position to provide the necessary components and labour will not be governed by any set ‘price list’. The knock on effect is that your new domestic or commercial vehicle quote will reflect the difficulty insurers expect you, or indeed them, to find when looking to source qualified mechanics to assess or repair these top-of-the-range cars.

There may even be a caveat that states they will undertake certain repairs but if the failure is unable to be corrected, all claims are null and void.

There are attempts to regain control of all or some of the different trading names of this enigmatic company. Vehicles of this quality still command a high price in the right market conditions.

Could we lose the makers of the 900i or 9000i forever? Surely not – there has to be some justice in this crazy world!

Whatever the outcome, I’d go check your car or van insurance policy or warranty, get in touch with your dealer and have them advise you every step of the way. You may not need it now, but to have the right cover when you need it could be invaluable

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