Van drivers – beware temptation this Christmas

Just a couple of very short posts in the spirit of Christmas, today, as the wife keeps telling me to “…turn that bloody computer off!” – well, that’s the toned down version, anyway.

But this reminder couldn’t wait – if it saves just one person from a few points or a fine, or an increase in their van insurance policy when it comes around to renewing it, then that’s job done, for me.

Beware this Christmas of doing favours for family and friends in your work’s van.

Depending upon the type of van fleet insurance your employer has opted for, you may well not be covered for a multitude of extra-curricular activity.

The not-so softly, softly approach

You know what it’s like when you’ve broke up for Christmas early and you’re in the local having a few beers after (hopefully) pulling your van onto the drive and putting the keys in the fruit bowl until the new year.

You’re stood there minding your own, just eyeing up that froth as your Guinness and Tia Maria settles (c’mon, it’s Christmas), and you get a tug on your elbow.

It’s either the scruffy fella from the local estate or some well-to-do business chap with a shiny red nose – neither of whom give you the time of day at any other time of year – and you know the question before the first slurred syllable leaves their whiskey-glazed lips: “Yow’ve gorra van, air ya, chap?”

Or, translated from Black Country into Queen’s English: “I say, young man; am I correct in thinking you’re in the van-driving profession, old bean?”

Your gut reaction is to tell them where to shove their request, but the festive spirit has taken hold and you’d feel horrid if you refused.  If nothing else, this little post gives you an irrefutable excuse to say no.

It is your holiday, too. You can look them in the eye, quite convincingly, and tell them that you’re just not allowed to do so, as you’re not covered by your work’s van insurance policy. Whether you are or not, you can get on with you stout and liqueur in peace and enjoy the Christmas break.

Alternatively, you can just say you’re going to have a few bevvies – that may be more plausible, but you know what people are like; because you’ve not sacrificed your day for them, you’re so selfish – they may not even speak to you again ’til next year! If you are going to have a bevvy or two, make sure the keys stay in the house, to avoid the temptation, no matter how cold the forecast reckons it’s going to be.

Explanations as to why you may not be covered in the follow-up article.

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