Hidden aspects that may enhance your van insurance

In the run up to Christmas, with frivolity in the air and a carefree spirit wafting in on the northern breeze to the sound of jingle bells, it is so easy for the small business man to get distracted away from the mudanities of business. But how damaging would it be to your organisation to have your van off the road, purely through the lack of cover of an appropriate van insurance policy, should you get caught out as December gives way to icy conditions?

The tinsel, baubles and fake snow shouldn’t mist over your every day running costs as you keep one eye on the sales figure as we approach the end of the third quarter of the financial year, or final month if your business calendar runs in line with the Gregorian one. Yet comparison sites have made finding cheap UK van insurance quotes so easy, you can obtain the cost of cover in minutes. What’s more, shaving costs off your van insurance quote, especially if you have several commercial vehicles to safeguard, may just pay for beer at the Christmas party. Ensuring that no one gets in his or her van to drive home afterwards, of course.

However, in order to make that ‘one for the road’ stretch to a double instead of a mere single shot, there are a few aces that you can hold up your sleeve before you hit the compare button on your van insurance comparison site.

not-so obvious aspects of van insurance that make the right cover priceless

Over the next two posts, we are going to highlight six of the best money-saving tips when it comes to obtaining a cheap van insurance quote.

As a sole trader or a small partnership, it is possible that a commercial vehicle is not only going to be used for the delivery or collection of products that will be turned into bespoke products for manufacture or general resale. From the disposal of recycling products or waste at specialised plants to picking up other employees on the way to work – if the vehicle is going to be utilised for any of those purposes, it is imperative that you include those errands when applying for van insurance. Yes – you’re right – this may not make it a cheap van insurance quote, but it will make it inexpensive cover if an accident occurs whilst carrying out these secondary practises and you have full cover, safe in the knowledge that you are covered for all eventualities.

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