From Delivery Driver to Superhero

Now, you delivery lot are always receiving praise from us. We think you go above and beyond in your jobs, every day. Especially in the past couple of years in the midst of a pandemic. But today, we are shown how some of you go that one step further, bringing you closer to becoming superheroes.

Today we are saluting a superhero from Edinburgh. A delivery driver for ASDA, to be precise, who works for the Dunbar branch. Mr Mark Beggs has been cheered as a hero as he used his former soldier training to help save a Transit Van driver after a horrendous crash.

Mr Beggs had only been working with the ASDA branch for some weeks before this happened. He used quick thinking, remained calm, and did all he could to help save the van driver. 

Basically, he was the type of superhero everyone would want around in times like this.

What Happened?

Mr Beggs was in the delivery van behind the unfortunate van driver, who swerved into a barrier. While waiting for the ambulances to arrive, and with the aid of a nurse who was luckily passing by, Mr Beggs assessed the situation and went into superhero mode.

Using a tool from his van that he uses to cut cardboard, he managed to sever through the seatbelt that was restricting the van driver’s breathing. Thankfully, the driver managed to gain consciousness and adrenaline surged through him, allowing a quick escape from the car.

However, this led to the poor driver collapsing. Mr Marks Gebbs, alongside the nurse who was off-duty, stayed with the van driver, until the ambulance arrived. 

Amongst all this, Mr Gebbs somehow managed to find time to keep his waiting customers updated! Yep, we were flabbergasted too… 

Some pure excellence from this brave man (and the nurse!). Mark Grebbs… We salute you! 

We would love to hear about other superhero delivery drivers… Do you have anyone in mind? Or have you been involved in something similar? Let us shower you in praise…

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