Van Drivers: Know your Van’s Weight Limit Or Be Fined up to £300!

This week’s latest news comes to us from the wonderful town of Reading. You may have heard about an unlucky driver who was fined a whopping £6,000 for breaching restrictions to do with his van’s weight. 

Thankfully, not all of us who breach weight restrictions can expect a £6,000 fine. The Mercedes Sprinter driver had overloaded his van by 900 kg. So, not just by a smidgen then. Unlucky for our Sprinter driver, a weighbridge found an excess weight of 25.7%. The Public Protection Partnership (PPP) quickly spotted how low the van was to the ground. It was clear the van was under strain.

We’re sure you already know this, but it is against the law to breach weight restrictions, and unfortunately, the driver’s defendant company found themselves paying over £6k for the sorry mistake. 

Do you know how much weight you’re legally allowed to have in your van? 

Avoid the fines and stay up to date with the latest laws. The DVSA may carry out spot checks, so here’s an easy reminder of how you can stay safe and know just how much you should be carrying:

  • Your van’s gross vehicle weight (GVW) minus (-) your van’s unladen weight.

Let’s explore an example:

  1. GVW is 4000 kg. Unladen weight is 2250 kg. 
  2. Therefore, 4000 kg – 2250 kg = 1,750 kg. 
  3. So, 1,750 kg is the most your payload can weigh.

It’s important not to forget that the payload weight also includes any excess luggage and passengers, too. How you load your van could also affect the overall weight, as you want to make sure you’re not putting too much weight at the front to cause an overload.

Learn More About Van Weight Limits

If you’re unsure about how much weight you’re carrying and want to check within the limits, you can visit your local weighbridge

If you’re new to van driving, it might be worth checking out the latest government guidance on loading and driving a van. There’s even a handy video. Access further information and visit the site here.

Whether you’re new to driving a van or know all the rules and regulations like the back of your hand, we’ve got you covered with insurance. So, if you’re on the lookout for cheap van insurance, take a couple of minutes out of your day to see just how much we could save you right here.

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