…And Then He Woke Up, And It Was All A Dream!

A refreshing break from the “fuel crisis” and “driver shortages” is called for, we think. So instead, we have a bit of a weird one for you this week. We want to know; what is the weirdest dream you have ever had?

Or, in the case of Paul Luttrell from Somerset, what is the weirdest dream you’ve had whilst in a coma?

Nightmares of delivering for Tesco

Now, we would never wish weird dreams on anyone, least of all a coma. But it is interesting to discuss what is experienced for those that do. 

For Paul Luttrell, who was hospitalised for cancer and Covid-19, it was being forced to work as a delivery driver. Not your average nightmare for most folk, eh? He dreamed of an ordeal where he drove a bedraggled-looking van about a town, making grocery deliveries for Tesco.

However, there was a vital twist that resulted in the dreams becoming nightmares. All the money that poor Paul earned from his deliveries ended up being taken from him and given to a London gang. The best (or worst) part? The leader was a dwarf who would torture him the old-fashioned way — with a defibrillator. Truly terrifying, yet bizarre stuff. We are sure Netflix would be interested in a feature film or television show.

Thankfully, despite the hellish hallucinations, Paul was miraculously discharged and is doing his best to work through his illnesses. You can read more about Paul’s experience of being in a coma, here. We wish you all the best, Paul!

When Dreams Become Reality

For many of us, the reality of being a supermarket delivery driver really is not that bad. Dare we say, some even enjoy it? Although, we guess that is dependent on whether or not you are being forced to hand your earnings over to the dwarf mafia. Hopefully, you’re not.

Our delivery drivers are still out there working hard as usual, despite Covid-19 restrictions having been lifted. There is still a lower number of customers actually going in-store to shop, so home deliveries are as popular as ever. 

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