Robberies of Parcels and Delivery Vans on the Rise

We’re in a sombre mood this week as we report on two stories from the UK involving the theft of vans and several packages. Both drivers suffered shock and will surely take some time to recover from the horrid events.

With these two stories coming to light this week, we are reminded even more of the efforts our delivery drivers put in everyday to do their jobs. Stay vigilant, friends.

Awful News from Oxfordshire

The first story is from Oxfordshire, although the robbery took place early last year. The delivery driver was working for Amazon when he was robbed in broad daylight. The thief managed to nab over 100 packages worth more than £2,500, and also drove off with the Amazon van. 

Robson Tereza, the victim, tried to stop the van from leaving but suffered an injury to his hands and knees in attempting to do so. The thieves claimed that Mr Tereza had left his keys in the ignition, but this was refuted. 

The case has been adjourned until the end of this month, so we really hope Robson Tereza gets his justice. For more information, read here

Robbery Hell in Hull

The second robbery is far more recent and happened earlier this month in Hull, but involves a Hermes delivery driver. 

This time, it is clear the keys had been left in the van when it was taken. It is estimated that 20 or more parcels were taken, but thankfully the van was discovered by police the next day.

They are, however, appealing for any information as there are currently no suspects. For more information, see here.

How Can Delivery Drivers Stay Safe?

We are hearing more and more about instances like this happening, especially if keys have been left in the ignition.

So, we’d love to hear from our delivery drivers. What do you do to keep safe? Let us know in the comments below. Perhaps we will have enough good advice to create a post about it.

Until then, we’ll leave you with a gift of cheap van insurance deals. Simply click here, add a few details, and we’ll take care of the rest! 

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