Let’s Put the Lasers Down, please…

It’s a weird one this week. A Volkswagen Transport van driver has been playing with lasers (and his van). The results have cost him heavily. In fact, we’re talking a whopping £3,000. And that’s just the start of the punishments…

Genius, or just downright silly?

Mr Jason Moore of Swansea has been convicted of something we didn’t even think was possible. Have you ever heard of a laser jamming device? 

Well, Mr Moore has. And what’s more, is he stuck one of these laser jammer thingies onto his Volkswagen Transport van. You may be asking why on earth anyone would ever want to do that. Well, this is where it gets interesting. Mr Moore decided to attach the laser for one simple reason: to avoid speeding cameras. Genius? Or silly?

Now, it’s not like Mr Moore was travelling down the motorway at 90 miles per hour or anything. In fact, he was going 12 miles per hour above the speed limit. But that’s enough to be endangering other motorists on the road, and himself. Driving without due care and attention, perhaps?

Caught red-handed

The laser device interferes with cameras being able to pick up and read the speed of a vehicle. Unfortunately for Jason, videos were able to pick up on the flashing jammer device, along with error texts when they tried to read the speed of his moving van.

And so, Mr Moore, who perhaps thought he’d be able to get 15 minutes of extra sleep because he could avoid speeding fines, has been caught. Accused of perverting the course of justice, he has also been ordered to follow a curfew for 2 months. If that wasn’t enough, he will be facing a sentence of 32 weeks of custody (although this has been suspended for a couple of years).

Well, at least he somehow managed to avoid prison, hm? And so, van drivers (and motorist drivers alike) are taught a valuable lesson. Let’s not play with lasers, eh?

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