Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Another week, another series of trials and tribulations for van drivers up and down the UK. As lockdown slowly eases, the roads are starting to return to normal and, with more traffic on the road, for you, the trusty van drivers of the UK, the stresses and strains of life on the road are also on the up.

The good news is that with more non-essential shops scheduled to reopen in the coming weeks, there should be more work out there for everyone and even more, when, all being well, more of the rest of the country opens up again in early July. 

But, with the lack of traffic on the road you have been used to, there have also been more and more stories in the press of van drivers behaving badly. From hit and runs, to intoxicated drivers, and speeding and dangerous driving, it appears the quieter roads have had a bad effect on some of you. And let’s not forget, anything stupid in your van and you’re not just risking your license, but also your career too. 

Meanwhile over in Ireland, Yodel have dealt a blow to their delivery drivers, who have been banned from taking their vans home overnight, forcing many drivers to need to use public transport to get home at night from their depots. At a time when nobody wants to be on public transport unless they absolutely have to, the timing and tone-deafness to what is going on in the world couldn’t have come at a worse time. 

On the upside, over in London, some savvy business owners have found the best use ever for a white van, turning one into a mobile pub on wheels. The ‘tactical beer response unit’ is on the streets of East London, the back of the van full of kegs of their craft beers, serving customers pint glasses of the good stuff at their doorstep. As one of his customers commented – ‘not all heroes wear capes.’ And who doesn’t miss a pint outdoors in this weather?

And on that note, safe driving. 

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