Beware! Dangerous drivers!

If you’re out on the road this week, keep an eye out. What for? Those fresh-out-of-lockdown drivers who have forgotten how to actually drive. 

Up to a fifth of motorists say that they have struggled to get to grips with gearing back behind the wheel after months of staying home in lockdown.

Many car owners have driven just 90 miles (some fewer than 25 miles) while restrictions have been in place, meaning they are considerably out of proactive and an even greater liability to van drivers of the UK, who never stopped motoring through the crisis. 

This is bad news for everyone, with the added possibility of un-roadworthy vehicles out there, thanks the waiving of the MOT scheme. 

In other news, there are a number of initiatives underway that are aiming to boost the high street when it reopens, but that may have huge impacts for van delivery drivers. Many high streets are calling for pedestrianised streets, restrictions in speed limits and no-go zones for vehicles, all in a bid to drive foot traffic back to shops when the time comes for them to reopen, with sufficient space for social distancing outdoors. What this does mean, where it goes ahead is little to no van parking, restrictions on out-of-hours delivery times and slower deliveries, as a result of speed restrictions. 

Thankfully, some traders are banding together to object to these well-meaning plans, seeing not just the issues for white van men, but for those who are unable to walk far, or those who need to collect or drop off goods by car. If they do happen, you can kiss goodbye to the quick drop off on the High Street that you know and love. Fingers crossed that people see that these well-meaning ideas will kill the high street, not bolster it.

As always, stay safe out there.

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