Van Insurance Is Cheaper Than Ever

Yes, more good news this week for our van driving men and women of the UK. We’re over all this doom and gloom, let’s find some reasons to be cheerful. 

And one more bit of good news to follow from last week is the news that van insurance is now cheaper than ever. Well, not ‘ever,’ but it is now the cheapest it’s been in over four years.  Since February, car and van insurance premiums have fallen an average of £56. 

This is as a result of fewer cars on the road, and, fewer accidents as a result. This means that the pay-outs that insurance companies are making has dropped, and so they are able to reduce the price of your premiums. In fact, one or two of the insurers have even paid out to their customers in the form of a rebate because there has been such a dip in claims made, making it worth a phone call to your van insurer to ask what they are doing – after all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. It’s also worth checking to see if your annual mileage can be reduced if you’ve been of the road at all these past few months, which could also save you money.

In other news, if you are in the trades and anticipating getting back to work in the next few weeks, be aware about new coronavirus restrictions on who you can have in your van. Yes, it’s now illegal for there to be anyone in the middle seat of your van, unless you are all members of the same household, in which case, you can fill your boots and your van with as many as you please. If your van is a two-seater, there’s only the driver allowed to be in it. And if you do have back seats, the second person needs to be sitting there, on the passenger side. So, getting everyone on site might become a bit of a nightmare.

Whatever you are doing, stay safe and keep at it, our UK van driver heroes. 

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