The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

How is everyone this week? Whether you’re currently locked down or out on the road, rest assured we are here, cheering you on, whatever is happening in the world. Week nine of lockdown may be sending us slightly stir crazy, but it won’t stop us in our quest to bring you, our trusty van drivers of the UK, the latest news and opinions in the van driving world.

Let’s start with some good news – if some of you have lost your jobs as a result of COVID-19, there appears to be a marked increase this week of companies seeking reliable van drivers up and down the UK. It appears that employers are ready to start their recruitment engines as things start to get back to normal. And for those of you who have been waiting on self-employed government payouts, the Self Employment Income Support Scheme is now live and processing payments to those who saw significant business interruption. There are also new bounceback loans available through all high street banks, which offer a government-backed loan of up to £50,000 for small businesses. These loans are interest and payment-free for the first year. 

And it seems the UK government is also ramping up to get the country moving again, although, with the new fuzzy messaging, we’re not entirely clear on what changes when, but then we don’t think anyone else really knows either. But let’s be optimistic and hope it starts to gear up again soon, like we anticipate it will.

Less good news is that the rebates for van and car insurance that we hoped would be forthcoming as they have been in other countries, has not yet rolled out through the UK. Two insurers are offering a small rebate, but we still hope to see all van insurance companies giving their customers some of their profits back, given the huge drop in claims they have seen as a result of the lockdown. 

And absolutely terrible news for those in the south of the country is that London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has raised the congestion charge to £15 (including weekends) whilst simultaneously outlining plans to close major London roads over the next six weeks, to make way for walking and cycle routes. Good luck if you’ve got deliveries in the capital – seems like the mayor is expecting you to bike them in from the suburbs. More on this next week as we get to grips with all the implications.

So there we have it – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. But to end on a high note, don’t forget we can make your life that little bit easier if you need to renew your van insurance policy with our free 3-minute quote tool to give you the best deals around.

Until next week  – stay safe. 

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