Perfect Christmas gifts for Van Drivers

Okay, so you’ve been asked what you’d like and besides that box set and PS4 game that you know you’re not going to get, what can you ask for?

Here are our top ideas to make any driving days just that little bit better.

Like your coffee? How about a portable espresso machine? Perfect for coffee on the go. This takes classic coffee pod filters, and can be plugged in to your van’s power socket.

Or what about a heated lunch box? This is great for those who drive long distances and want a hot meal, without paying an arm and a leg at the service stations – just plug it in to your car charger socket and enjoy a nice warm lunch, rather than a chilly limp sandwich.

Magnetic phone and coin pads.Never be rifling around for coins again, have your phone where you can see it, and generally be a little more organised with one of these. 

Heated seat pads. Because there’s nothing like a warm bum on a cold day! Or, go the whole hog and ask for an in-car electric blanket. Perfect if you’re a driver up north who frequently battles with the snow and can sometimes see yourself stuck in accident traffic or impassable roads. 

In-car Wi-Fi. Turn your cab into your office with one of these great gadgets. Be always on, listen to music, game while you’re waiting for a pick-up (but not in a traffic jam, please)

Mini hoover.Let’s make spiders dropping from the visor a thing of the past, people. An in-van mini hoover can help clear up those crumbs and that dirt in no time. 

Hanging storage. Keep all your paperwork in one place, and find things fast. It will shave a few minutes off your day, and in an industry where every second counts, you’ll be thankful for it.

A lumbar support cushion. Because being a van driver plays havoc with most people’s backs, given enough time behind the wheel. A solid, supporting cushion for your back will pay dividends and save the cost of those trips to the osteopath. (although we can recommend a brilliant one, if you do need one). 

Van detailing kit.Because we all like a nice, clean van, don’t we? Oh, wait. Well, maybe if you get one, you’ll actually use it. We can’t force you to, but you know, it might just give you the motivation that none of the lads have managed. Make it a new year’s resolution. 

A driving experiences.No chugging along, waiting for the diesel to finally kick in and give you some oomph. Blast out your driving frustrations with a track session in a supercar at one of the U.K.’s race tracks and unleash your inner Lewis Hamilton (other F1 drivers are available). 

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