Vans In The Village – Under Attack!

White van men have long sought out the safe haven of villages. There is plenty of space, and plenty of parking, and not much “rage.”

This all seems to be changing, with reports suggesting that vans in the village are now “under attack.”

Take the story of a white Ford Transit van in the quiet and sleepy village of Longniddry, Scotland. Nothing much ever happens there…until one night last year.

In an outburst that left everybody shocked, a man sat in his car and took aim at the white Ford Transit van.

He put his foot on the accelerator and smashed right into the side of the van. This wasn’t an accident. This was personal.

It seems the man in the car and the owner of the van had been in a long running feud for months. Eye witnesses claim it was to do with “the white van man parking too close to the car owners drive.”

It wasn’t the first time they had come to blows. With heated words being exchanged on numerous occasions before, but on this particular night the time for words was over…and action was the name of the game.

So the man got in his car, put it into first gear, and then rammed the van, letting off some much needed steam in the process, no doubt.

As you can imagine, the Scottish Police were soon on the scene and in no time at all they arrested the car owner and took him away in handcuffs.

It doesn’t matter if he was in the right or the wrong, when you crash into a van on purpose then expect to be spending time in jail.

If you own a van in a village, then let this be a word of warning to you.

Your van is not safe, no matter where you park it. It could be down a country lane, outside a country pub, in a field, or even outside your own home.

Vans in the village are now under attack, and if you don’t have the right van insurance then you are at risk.

Perhaps a vigilante car driver will smash into your van, before driving off into the night without a trace. If you don’t have a full van insurance policy then you could end up out of pocket.

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“I use Cheap Van Insurance,” shouted van owners in villages around the UK.

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