Milk Van Man With a Plan?

It was a quiet yet mild spring morning last May in Oxford. Nothing out of the ordinary. Until…a Milk Van sped past stunned onlookers.

Oxford is usually a place of education and recreation. A place to stroll and enjoy the UK springtime. Maybe even sit under a tree and read a book? On this day, however, it was all out madness.

Imagine the scene. The Roads of Oxford had Police sirens blazing and blue lights flashing. Everybody stopped to look what or who they were chasing…

You might be surprised to learn it was a milk van. Going on a “high speed” chase through the winding roads of Oxford City Centre…near the university…and around corners…trying to give the cops the slip.

Was this part of the Winter of Discontent or The Summer of Rage? Was it a white van man behind the wheel of that milk van…and was this another rampage worthy of being on “Van Drivers Gone Wild?”

In actual fact the milk van had been stolen, and it was being used by a joyrider to have a bit of fun and cause some destruction.

Gone are the days of the humble milk float doing a steady 10mph at 2am in the morning.

Say hello to the era of the milk van. A machine capable of doing 50mph when the wind is blowing right and the conditions are dry.

This now makes milk vans prime targets for thieves and joyriders. Some would say boy racers who are in it for the thrills and spills. The kicks and licks.

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Back to the story and Police in Oxford first saw the van at 12:45am. It “took off” like the wind, one Police officer said into his walkie talkie.

The milk van joyrider then proceeded to drive through the night with no lights, while going down the wrong side of a road and nearly crashing into a taxi.

It eventually came to an end, but according to the joyrider he would have got away from the cops if it had not been “full of milk.”

In the end this wannabe milk van man didn’t really have any kind of plan, and now he doing time at her Majesty’s Pleasure. Hopefully he learns the error of his ways.

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