Van Drivers FORCED To Buy Dash Cams?

Dash Cams are taking the country by storm this Winter, but do you need one (or two) for your van? Do you even have a choice?

There is no doubt dash cams are a handy gadget to have in your van. Not only do they record everything, which means you have evidence in the event of an accident, but they also help to lower the costs of your van insurance.

“You have a dash cam? Let me take £100 off your van insurance policy,” said the van insurer.

“What’s that…you found us through Cheap Van Insurance? Let us take another £100 off,” they go on to add.

Now, I’m sure you would agree that all van drivers should be FORCED to use Cheap Van Insurance, but should they also be FORCED to buy dash cams? Well, if some van drivers have their way then yes, they will.

New research shows us that 25% of van drivers believe they should become compulsory Not only that, but the research also found out that van drivers, save, on average, 20% on their insurance when they have a dash cam installed.

Combine a dash cam on your windscreen with CVI on your smartphone and you are on to a real winner.

The research also went on to say that 32% of van drivers think that dash cams should come already installed in brand new vans.

Here at CVI we agree. In this day and age there really is not any reason to dismiss dash cams and all of the benefits they offer.

They are simple to install and easy to start recording. Once you are set up then you can forget about them and just focus on your driving and work.

So…white van men, white van women, tradespeople and delivery drivers around the country…here at Cheap Van Insurance we encourage you to rush out and buy dash cams for your van immediately.

Don’t delay another second, because every second spent on the road without one is potentially losing you money.

Once you’ve got the dash cams installed in your van then take 3 minutes to fill in our Cheap Van Insurance form and see how much you could save.

Van drivers from all walks of life and all areas of the country use CVI on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if you pay thousands for your van insurance in East London or only a few hundred in Southampton, you could potentially save a packet right here at this website.

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