Unleash The…Robo Delivery Dogs

We recently predicted that your delivery driver job was safe. “Don’t worry about the robots,” we said….but were we wrong?

It wouldn’t be the first time that CVI has been wrong. In fact, we are wrong quite a lot, which has led to some critics to say – “Don’t listen to CVI.”

We don’t care about our critics though. Just like when those critics “criticised” us for offering van drivers the cheapest van insurance in the country.

“It can’t be done,” said the critics

But we trail blazed our way forward, and now, thousands of van drivers enjoy cheap van insurance right here at our famous 3 minute form.

Anyway…back to the story and this is all about robot dogs who are being manufactured right now, as we speak. However, these robot dogs won’t be pets and they won’t be part of the family.

Instead they will be…Robo Delivery Dogs!

Yes you read that right. These robotic dogs are being designed and trained to deliver packages right to your doorstep, and if successful, then you can say goodbye to your delivery driver job.

The Robo Dogs will travel in packs and ride around in self driving vans. Then when a destination is reached, they jump out and deliver the package.

Think this is all pie in the sky? Then think again, because a recent demo in Las Vegas showed us a prototype Robo Dog climbing up stairs, ringing a doorbell, and delivering a parcel.

Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you agree? Yes the future is almost here, but if you ask us you might just want to keep your resignation letter in your pocket for now.

Why? Because although the Robo Delivery Dog technology is certainly moving along nicely…it’s still quite a few years from becoming a reality in every city, town and village of the UK.

In other words, yes, the future is definitely going to be controlled by packs of Robo Dogs while you sign on down the local job centre, but for now, you can breathe a sigh of relief and just get on with your job.

So make the most of it. Enjoy tomorrow morning as you set off in your van and deliver that package to Mr Smith and Mrs Jones.

Take some time on your delivery route to stop and smell the Roses. And even stop to spend 3 minutes on our cheap van insurance form.

You really could save a packet in 3 minutes or less. Give it a try and find out for yourself.

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