The Best Day To Buy Van Insurance

Buying van insurance is something you must do by law, but when should you do it? Keep reading because we are going to tell you.

Here at CVI we supply thousands of van drivers with quotes every single year, so we know a thing or two about getting cheap prices.

We have looked at the data, and by our calculations you should buy van insurance…exactly 21 days before your renewal date.

If you do, then expect to potentially save £100 or more, and when you combine your early timing with the power of our 3 minute form, then expect to potentially save at least £100 more.

Write this calculation down – 21 days + CVI = Very Cheap Van Insurance!

It really is all you need for low van insurance prices year in and year out.

While being an early bird is a good idea, you don’t want to hatch your eggs too early, because our data shows that buying van insurance a month or more before your renewal day means you could pay more.

With that being said, you don’t want to be a last minute loser either. If you leave buying van insurance right until the final few hours then you might be out of luck. And cheap van insurance will be out of your grasp.

Of course, if you use CVI then you always have a good chance of getting the cheapest quotes in the country, but the longer you leave it, the less you will save…and that’s a fact.

We are not going to insult your intelligence and tell you that CVI can get you the very cheapest quotes, no matter what the situation. It just isn’t true. Nobody can guarantee you that.

For example, if you leave it to the last 30 minutes before renewal, and then you use CVI to compare quotes…you will probably still get cheap quotes…but not as cheap as if you had compared 21 days earlier.

Why exactly do you get cheaper van insurance for being an early bird? According to our van company buddies, it’s all to do with risk.

In other words, if you get quotes a few weeks in advance then you are the type of person who is careful and organised. On the other hand, if you wait until the last few minutes then you are “profiled” as someone who is generally all over the place.

Research suggests the former are more careful drivers, while the latter are more prone to getting in accidents and making claims.

Whatever you do…make sure you compare van insurance right here at CVI. It doesn’t matter if you have 21 days or 2 minutes until your renewal, we are the place to be for every van owner in the UK.

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