Arizona Dream? No, It’s a Reality

The state of Arizona has seen its fair share of van mayhem over the last 12 months. Who can forget “white van man in the desert?” You can’t.

Arizona really is a hotbed of van activity, but this past week it wasn’t British white van owners who were causing a stir in the dry American State, it was the self driving van.

Not just any old self driving van either. This was a Google self driving van, better known as a Waymo self driving van.

If you thought that eradicating white van men from the drivers seat was going to mean an end to the trail of destruction, rage, and all out carnage, then think again. Driver or no driver, these machines are still made for crashing.

While your average white van man was tucked up in bed in Britain, there was a Waymo self driving van being tested on the roads of Arizona during a particularly balmy evening.

However, before you start grabbing your pitchforks and heading down to Google HQ, you might want to find out exactly what happened here.

Yes Google have been known for causing crashes before (and then trying to flee the scene without giving insurance details), but in this particular story it appears things might be different.

Reports of the incident suggest that a Honda Sedan had to swerve to avoid another car, and in the process went right into the path of the Waymo self driving van.

That’s right. This Google Waymo machine was just innocently and quietly coasting along the hot tarmac of the Arizona highway and the “BAM” – there was a crash.

So a human driven car swerved to avoid a car…being driven by a human. It was the humble self driving van who was just minding its own business, and through no fault of its own became involved in the fracas.

Of course, the major news outlets have picked up the story and made Google Waymo and its self driving van the ENEMY, but here at CVI we are going to take a more realistic approach.

The truth of the matter is that self driving vans are the future, in America and in the UK, and if you are a tradesperson such as a roofer, builder, carpenter, plumper, electrician, general handy man or woman, or a “man” or “woman” with a van (and a plan), then the self driving van is going to be your bread and butter in the near future.

Stop seeing this technology as the enemy is my advice, and refuse to believe the hype that you read in those tabloids.

Here at CVI you only get the truth, and cheap van insurance quotes as well. Good times all round. You might even be able to save enough money on your next quote to go for a holiday to Arizona.

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