White Van Men On Tour Get GREEN LIGHT

Rage, discontent, and anger. These are all words that could have described your average white van man after Brexit happens.

Especially those white van owners who like to go “on tour.” Off they go, North, South, East, and West. Driving in their vans to go to far away lands, for business and pleasure.

It was thought that Brexit might have put a halt to these regular jaunts. A big RED LIGHT was expected to be staring each and every white van owner in the face, and, as we all know, when white van men are hindered in some way then the result is usually…all out destruction.

Initially, experts predicted that UK van insurance would no longer be valid on the roads of our European neighbours

That means if a British white van just wanted to go for a casual drive in the French countryside, then it would quickly be scanned by French Police.

“Monsieur..Monsieur..pas de taxes” they would be shouting.

A night in French prison would no doubt be in store for the white van man, which would probably push them to the brink.

Fortunately, this is not going to happen, due to the fact that it’s just been announced that UK van insurance will be accepted in the EU after Brexit has happened.

If you are stopped on the roads of France, Germany, Spain, or Rome…

Then all you need to do is show them Cheap Van Insurance on your smartphone…

and they will instantly leave you alone.

“It’s okay, I’m with CVI,” you say.

“Danke,” the German traffic police would say after they pulled you over on the Autobahn.

No fuss, no hassle, and no rage. Just a GREEN LIGHT for every white van owner in the country to go “on tour” and not get in any bother.

It could have been a lot different though. A Green card system had been proposed by European chiefs and an extra £10 fee to get European van insurance for UK drivers.

“Hola, tarjeta verde por favor ” the Spanish Police would say after pulling over the traditional UK white Ford Transit van.

“You what mate?” the white van driver would say…getting a bit hot under the collar.

“Tarjeta verde… AHORA!!“” the Spanish police would demand.

Who knows what would happen after that? We all know how white van men have, in the past, been unleashed and unchained, to the point where car doors have been ripped clean off.

Right now everybody is friends, and our white van drivers can move forward to the continent with a good mood and CVI on their phone.

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