Why Haven’t Van Owners Been Told About The “Peel and Steal”?

Van criminals are roaming the streets looking for YOUR parked van and they have one simple magic move that instantly works.

It’s called the “peel and steal,” which one expert described as like “peeling the top from a can of sardines.”

These van thieves are not smart and they don’t have expertise…but when breaking into a van is as simple as opening a tin of fish, then it’s no wonder we are right in the middle of…

The biggest van crime spree in the history of the world.

That’s right. At no other point in history has van crime been so easy for criminals. Even complete idiots with no previous criminal education or experience…even they are “peeling and stealing” their way to the top.

Thousands of pounds worth of tools are swiped in seconds, and then gone. Without warning and without any clue.

“I’m baffled,” Police officers are known for saying when they eventually turn up to the crime scene.

“What should I do now?” you ask.

“My only advice would be to visit Cheap Van Insurance,” the Police officer would offer, as a way to protect yourself in the future.

“Yes…I’m beginning to wish I had gone to Cheap Van Insurance before this whole mess occurred,” you might reply.

“Everybody says that…” the police officer says before beginning to walk away…

“Oh, and just one more thing…” he would say as leaving your house

“Where were you the night this happened…?”

I think we can all agree the only way for every single van owner in the UK to protect themselves against the “peel and steal” is to take 3 minutes of your time and fill in the form here at Cheap Van Insurance.

Even if it wasn’t recommended by the law and talked about by those in authority, it would still be the place to be.

Do you know why? Cheap van insurance quotes…that is why.

Protection against the peel and steal is important, but the cheapest van insurance quotes in the UK is even more enjoyable.

Why pay more, year after year, when you could be paying less. Stick your fingers up to your van insurance company and never look back.

“I’m going to CVI,” you say, and with those words you are on the road to saving a fortune.

So take action right now and join the thousands of van owners who insure their van and tools at prices many would not believe…if they didn’t see the quotes right there in front of them.

“It’s just like magic,” said one van owner.

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