Van Meets Lamppost in Somerset – “I Can’t Believe It”

Somerset…the land of rolling hills, endless farm land and apples, so sweet and tasty, you could eat them all day.

It is also the land of lampposts, according to one resident who wishes to remain nameless. Although many of these lampposts are positioned away from the road, in designated pedestrian areas that are safe for power walkers and joggers.

So you can imagine the confusion when residents of a sleepy Somerset village awoke one morning and they looked out of their windows and saw…a council van smashed into a lamppost

This wasn’t an ordinary crash either. This was a full on SMASH. The kind of collision which means the van was a total writeoff.

What makes this story even more bizarre is the fact that the lamppost was nowhere near a road. Farm land? Yes. Apple trees? Yes…but roads? No.

According to one eye witness the council van had the wing completely ripped off and was in a state of such destruction the only logical place to take it was the scrap yard.

It really does make you wonder just what happened here? What caused this van to take a detour away from the roads and then drive along a pedestrian zone with such speed and power…that the collision meant a total writeoff.

Obviously the residents of this Somerset wanted answers so they turned up outside the council offices (without pitchforks) and demanded a spokesperson for Somerset council address the crowd.

It seems the South Somerset District Council are still not entirely sure what exactly happened, which means the crowd didn’t get the answers they demanded.

An official statement has mentioned that an investigation has been launched into the matter and the driver of the council van is unhurt but embarrassed

Apparently, one resident did offer the van driver a cup of tea although any other information is still light on the ground.

One clue that may shed some light on the situation is a grainy photo taken on the morning when the carnage was discovered.

While it isn’t exactly clear what we are looking at, the picture does seem to suggest the lamppost was directly in the middle of the foot path.

Could the council van have been trying to pull off some kind of spectacular manoeuvrer to swerve around the lamppost..only to have lost control at the last second? We may never find out the exact answer.

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