Van Drivers Say – “Take Your Stinking Paws Off Me…”

Have you ever woke up in a sweat late at night – “It was a planet…full of…those creatures from TV” you shout, recalling your dream..

Not Apes…but Meerkats…those adorable creatures we see on the TV who promote a certain comparison website. Compare the…you can fill in the rest.

It’s those meerkats who try to sell things such as van insurance, by tempting van drivers with the offer of 2 for 1 movie tickets and such things.

Who doesn’t like a good movie? I know I do, and I’m pretty sure that van drivers also do. Some even take the day off work to visit the cinema.

The problem is most van drivers are not really motivated by getting movie tickets when buying van insurance. Instead, they would prefer to simply get very cheap van insurance. It makes sense.

That is why all sensible van drivers flock here, in their droves.

“Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty…meerkat,” is what they say, before clicking away and going directly to the Nations Favourite…Cheap Van Insurance.

What if you could take advantage of those meerkats though? Well, now you can, thanks to a trick I’ve just heard about from ITV and money saving superstar, Martin Lewis.

On his website, there is details about how you can get movie tickets for only a pound or two, which works out really cheap when you consider that most people need to re-mortgage their home to visit the cinema these days.

What Martin advises is to get cheap travel insurance from the meerkat site, the very cheap kind that only costs you £1 or £2, and then you also be eligible for the movie tickets.

So that is 1-0 to the van drivers over those pesky meerkats.

“See you soon, losers!” Is what you will be shouting out of the window as you drive away in your van with the tickets blowing in the wind.

Of course, while it’s good to get cheap movie tickets you must remember that the serious business is done right here, at CVI.

Don’t even be tempted by those meerkats when they start banging on about comparing van insurance. Come directly here. Don’t hang around.

Don’t go anywhere else either. You might be tempted by other mascots such as “Dave van dog,” but while he might be one of the best ideas of all time, the reality is that even “Dave van dog” cannot get you cheap deals on your van insurance.

Fortunately you are in the right place, right now. The kind of place where 3 minutes of your time and a few basic details will give you…the most outstanding van insurance prices ever.

So here is your to-do list:

1) Trick the meerkats

2) Ignore “Dave van dog”

3) Get around 40 quotes from Cheap Van Insurance.

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