White Van Man – We Can’t Live (If Living is Without You)

Who can forget Mariah Carey and her classic song – Can’t Live (If Living is Without You) – but was she singing about white van men? Maybe…

If not, then her song could definitely be used as the “anthem” for the results of a new survey, which quite clearly shows that half of UK consumers could not do without white van drivers.

In every street of the UK, and in every town and city…the people of this great nation should join hands and sing together, in perfect harmony, for the white van men…”We can’t live (if living is without you.)”

In my opinion this is something that van van drivers need to hear right now, especially after all of the negative press they have received over the last 12 months.

Yes, even us here at CVI (The Nations Favourite), even us…we have been a part of that negativity with our blog posts about the exploits of white van owners.

Did we go too far? Maybe. Should our news reporter be fired? Perhaps. But, despite all of this negative attention these very same white van men continue to flock here in their droves. Do you know why? Cheap Van Insurance, that is why.

At the end of the day, getting cheap insurance for white vans is their bread and butter, so to speak, and where else can they find that but right here? Nowhere. This is the number one place to get those cheap quotes.

Do you know what else? Here at CVI we have decided to change our tone towards those hard working white van drivers. Our reporter has been called into the head office and been given a stern telling off. No more stories of white van drivers being “unchained” and “unleashed” we told him.

So Cheap Van Insurance is now a safe haven for white van men. You can come here on a weekly basis and expect us to sing your praises, just like this new survey of UK consumers did.

In that survey, it was revealed that 50% of people in our country have benefited from white van drivers in the last 24 hours, whether it be from having a product delivered or getting something fixed by a tradesperson.

The survey came to the conclusion that 9 out of 10 Brits would be in a worse position if it wasn’t for white van drivers.

Even the SMMT, AKA, The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders…even they tipped their hats to the white van owners of our nation after hearing about the survey

It wouldn’t surprise me if the people of our nation get together to sing more songs for the men and women that drive white vans.

How about another song from a certain Mariah Carey? “And then a hero comes along, With the strength to carry on.”

Yes that’s right. “HERO” is the one word everybody should use when talking about white van owners from now on.

Then, once we have stopped singing, everybody here at CVI headquarters will go back to the office and put the “OPEN” sign on the front door once again.

“Open for business,” we will shout, and with that, CVI is the number 1 website for white van owners who want cheap prices.

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