“ACTION!” – The Van Insurance Scam Straight From a Movie

Most van insurance scams you can see a mile off. These scammers roam the country ready to pounce with brute force. No finesse required.

However, if reports are to be trusted then a new type of van insurance scam could be hitting the nation very soon. A type of scam that will make you ask yourself…”Just where are the movie cameras?”

It isn’t Hollywood where this scam is coming from though, oh no, it is further East. To the cold and snowy city of Moscow where van drivers often have to combat icy roads on a daily basis.

Don’t forget that our very own white van drivers have also been known to make their way behind the iron curtain, so to speak – White Van Men On Tour – it was called.

This new scam was all set to land on British shores without warning, that was until a Russian van driver picked up something on their dashcam.

That is why I advise all UK van drivers to buy dashcams for their vehicles. In fact, buy 2. One for the front and one for the back. They see everything.

Just like on this cold and icy winter morning in Moscow, where suddenly, and without warning, a young woman walked out in front of a van driving down the road.

The van driver braked with full force, but that didn’t stop the woman being hit, as she ended up on the bonnet.

Was the van driver to blame? Without the dashcam footage many would no doubt have said so, but, the dashcam showed a completely different story.

What it showed was the woman jumping from the side of the road and into the path of the van. After reviewing the footage it was described as a “theatrical” jump. Almost like a Hollywood stunt actor trying to win some kind of award.

The incident was definitely worthy of a well paid stuntwoman as she jumped right into the bonnet with a precision that many would not believe…if they didn’t see it right there on the dashcam footage.

So was this woman auditioning for a Hollywood blockbuster or was something else the motivation that day? It was the latter.

“Van Insurance Scam,” is what the driver shouted in his local language when he reviewed the footage. You couldn’t fool this guy.

His friends agreed, and when they showed the footage to the local police they agreed as well. “Take her to the gulag,” was their solution. That is how they deal with van insurance scammers in Russia.

Is it how they are going to deal with the same crime here in the UK? I don’t think so, and unfortunately many of these scammers will probably be very successful jumping in front of vans and making insurance claims.

The only way that you, the British van driver can protect yourself from this madness is to get the best van insurance possible. It all starts with our 3 minute form.

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