Van “Mayhem” on the English Riviera

Where is van crime the most dangerous, the most wild, and even the most outrageous…London, Glasgow or Cardiff? No.

In fact, it is the English Riviera AKA Torquay where van criminals are having a field day and van drivers are out of control.

Take the incident in Torquay that happened recently, involving a…yes, you guessed it – WHITE VAN MAN!

When will they ever learn? Never is my answer, and it’s the reason why white van owners have such a bad reputation everywhere in the UK, even the English Riviera

Details of the incident are light on information. What we do know is that it involved a van and a motorcyclist, and according to witnesses the van driver was at fault.

Rage was something else that was witnessed – “I’m going to give you a damn good thrashing,” could have been said. We are still waiting for confirmation.

Does it stop there though…does it ever! This is Torquay we are talking about here. Sure, it is known for having great hotels with the highest possible standard of service and amazing views from all hotel rooms, but, it is also known for being a hot spot of van crime.

This was recently illustrated in a night of total carnage where arsonists completely destroyed a Green Citroen Relay van.

It happened at some point between 9:45pm and 10pm on an unusually cold April night in Torquay, and before long that van was a total write off.

I just hope that this particular owner had good van insurance to cover the damage.

Every van owner in Torquay should have the best van insurance in my opinion. If you don’t, then what are you waiting for? Fill in our 3 minute form right now.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the event, although as usual, it is expected that the public response will be – “I know nothing.”

Some tourists, who have come from places such as Barcelona and California are said to be horrified at the total van destruction they have seen on the mean streets of Torquay.

Yes, they enjoyed a Waldorf Salad, even when arriving at the hotel late, but if these tourists took just a small step away from the tourist area then they would quickly get a glimpse of really goes on behind the scenes of the English Riviera

The most common incident within the van community in Torquay? Theft.

So much so that Police have issued a warning for all van owners in and around Torquay after a recent crime spree.

Remember, these van thieves are more like Houdini than your typical old timer smash and grab criminals. You never even see them.

Van owners might go out for a Gourmet night, only to be frustrated by the lack of duck, and then be even more frustrated when they get to the car park only to find their power tools have been nicked. It happens all the time.

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