150 Van Drivers Attend Tool Theft Rally in South West

If there is one thing every van driver fears it’s tool theft. Blink and they miss it…but it happens all the time.

This isn’t petty theft we are talking about here either. Many van drivers are completely wiped out when those sneaky criminals pounce. Years of hard work and dedication gone in seconds.

All around this nation of ours, tool theft from vans has become a real problem, especially in the South West, which has recently been identified as a hotspot for van crime.

I’ve reported about this area of the country before of course. The English Rivera to be exact, and in that blog post Cheap Van Insurance enthusiasts were amazed at how a traditionally quiet and peaceful seaside town has been turned into…The Van Crime Capital.

Other places in the South West have also been affected, with Devon and Plymouth being the main targets for organised van criminals.

“It’s those magic keys,” van men and women are saying when asked how their vans got broken into.

They are right, of course. It is those magic keys. The kind of keys that can be purchased on the internet for around twenty English pounds. It really does make you wonder what the world is coming to when criminals have got it so easy.

“The life of Riley!” is what some experts are saying about van criminals, and for once, I agree with them.

Well, the hard working van owners of the South West have decided that is enough is enough. It is time to make their voices heard and the time is NOW.

So on a sunny but cool spring morning this year, there was exactly 150 van drivers who packed their ham sandwiches into the usual lunchbox and prepared their favourite coffee or tea into the trusty flask. No need for a blanket. The winter is over.

This wasn’t an ordinary work day though. This was a rally. Some would say a war cry from these tradespeople and delivery drivers who are simply fed up with getting taken advantage of.

It isn’t just the criminals they are angry with. The Police are also to blame and they should be doing more to prevent the crime and catch the hoodlums once the crime has been committed.

Frustrated by the lack of action by the boys and girls in Blue, 150 vans drove into the centre of Plymouth town centre on that spring morning.

All types of vans were present. The White Vans, the LCV’s, the Ford Transits…even a Day Van, according to one man.

It was a rally that made pedestrians stop for a brief minute and it gave van owners an outlet for their frustration.

Here at CVI we salute the South West van drivers. Keep on rallying we say and keep on making your voices heard.

If you can’t make it to the next rally then another way to fight back is to get cheap van insurance. Sure, those criminals might strike first, but you can have the last laugh with full protection at a fair price. Act now by filling in the 3 minute form.

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