White Van Drivers Throw Away Ham Sandwiches

In a survey that has sent shockwaves around the country, it was revealed that so called “white van men” are throwing away their ham sandwiches.

It’s a tradition of course, for your average white van owner to take a packed lunch of ham sandwiches with them on a hard day of work…a tradition that now seems to be coming to an end.

According to the survey, it is “fruit, vegetables, and salad,” that tradespeople are now consuming at lunch time. Sure, they might still have a flask of tea and even a chocolate digestive, but, when it comes to healthy eating they are right on track.

The survey went on to find out that white van drivers are also swapping the traditional British fry up for more healthy options. Maybe some Greek yoghurt with sunflower seeds? They can leave it in the fridge overnight…ready for eating first thing in the morning.

Also, these van owners are getting out of their vans it seems. Usually, during the winter, they spend most of their time sat in the van with a blanket and thermal gloves, but this winter they have become more active, hitting the gym at least twice a week.

1 in 10 admitted they even hit the gym at least 5 times a week, typically going at the end of a work day to pump some iron and jump rope, no doubt.

Do you know what though? In my opinion this whole healthy eating and exercise regime is good for the white van man. Regular readers of this blog will be only too familiar with stories of “rage” and “discontent.” Going down the gym gives them an outlet for their frustration, so they are more calm throughout the day.

The survey went on to profile white van drivers even further, asking them questions about their lifestyle and interests. The answers were fascinating.

Football is the most popular activity for white van drivers, with 54% saying they watched or played it on a regular basis, with another 29% saying they preferred rugby.

Snooker is the indoor sport of choice for your average van driver surveyed, with most of them saying they enjoyed either playing it down the local club or watching it on the TV.

Interestingly, 12% said that scuba diving was a hobby, something which could be done while “on tour” abroad, although Siberia or Nevada probably wouldn’t be good destinations.

As we get further into the survey then it paints a picture of your average “white van man,” so to speak, as an angelic choir boy who couldn’t melt any butter in his mouth.

For example, 40% of those who took part in the survey said they were concerned about the so called stereotype of the white van driver, while 27% said they thought it was unfair. A further 60% claimed they were polite and understanding while on the road, while 47% stop on a regular basis to help other road users.

I wonder if this includes cyclists? As we all know, drivers of white vans and cyclists have a long running and bitter feud on our nations roads, which many times results in violence.

While white van men might be throwing away their ham sandwiches, the one thing they are not throwing away is cheap van insurance. “The Nations Favourite” is what many of them shout when it comes time to renew their van insurance, and then within 3 minutes they get quotes from around 40 companies and brokers.

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