Admiral On Tour – Madrid Bound…

One of the partners to Cheap Van Insurance is Admiral, that well known company who are always on the TV.

When you fill out the 3 minute form on this website then you can expect Admiral to be one of the companies offering you are a quote. Are they the cheap? I don’t know, fill out the form and find out is my advice.

Right now everything is good between CVI and Admiral. We are friends.

However, if a recent news story is to be trusted then Admiral could soon be following white van men out of the country…to Madrid.

Off they go…on a cold Monday morning on a Ryanair flight to the Spanish capital, and after touching down and after saying a “Hola” to their driver, they will then be taken directly into the Madrid city and into an empty office block.

This isn’t a holiday you must understand and there will be no sun, sea and sangria. Oh no. What we have here is your classic example of a company going AWOL from British shores after Brexit is here.

So right there in the centre of Madrid, in between the tourist shops and postcard sellers…well, one sunny afternoon in the heat of the Spanish Summer.

The kind of Spanish afternoon where, if the sun shines too long on your plastic roller shutters then they become stuck, and you have to wait until the sun goes down so they cool off.

Well, on that particular afternoon there will be a Spanish sign maker in dungarees up a ladder outside the office block in Madrid, and in no time at all, “EL ADMIRALO” will overlook the Madrid skyline.

There may even be a white van man on tour passing by on the busy road below, on his way back to the UK.

So does this mean that CVI and Admiral will no longer be able to continue their famous partnership…the partnership that has potentially saved the UK public a lot of money.

Actually, while Admiral are looking to diversify their operations because of Brexit, they will have an office right here on British shores, just like they always have.

Just like your average white van owner. Sure, they like to travel and they like to go on tour, but when it comes down to it they know where their bread and butter is. Right here in the UK of course.

If you are looking to get your next van quote and considering Admiral as one of the insurers, then my advice is to check with our 3 minute form first.

You get a quote from Admiral and you also get quotes from around 40 other van insurance companies and brokers.

If Admiral offer the best quote then great, you win. If someone else offers the best quote then great, you win.

I think the message here is that everytime you use Cheap Van Insurance as your starting point for getting quotes…you win.

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