White Van “Night of Terror” in Hartlepool

A quiet night in Hartlepool soon led to a “night of terror” for one family. Who was to blame? Yes, you guessed it…the white van man.

Just when will they learn? Never, In my opinion.

Cheap Van Insurance enthusiasts will be well aware of how white van drivers have been attempting to make a new start for themselves in places such as Nevada and Siberia. That didn’t work out very well, and now…they are back on UK roads.

Such as this night in Hartlepool, where, at 1:45am in the morning the only sound was of the occasional milk float busy with a round of deliveries or those crafty but educated van thieves “tricking” their way into vans.

Then, all of a sudden, and without warning…a CRASH, and the sound of broken glass, and then it was all out WAR in that quiet Hartlepool neighbourhood.

A white van man war you must understand, where the van is the weapon, so to speak, and the only reason for battle is rage and discontent.

Actually, there is a bit more backstory to this particular incident, but to make a long story short it had something to do REVENGE.

That’s right. The driver of the white Ford transit van believed that his cousin was being treated badly by her boyfriend. So, instead of applying to be on the Jeremy Kyle show so they could battle it out on national television, he decided to take matters into his own hands and seek out a BATTLE on the streets of Hartlepool

The first act of battle was to crash into the Volkswagen Golf parked outside the house of the boyfriend. This was the sound of broken glass that woke everyone up.

In no time at all everyone in the house was outside in the front yard, still in their pyjamas, and then…the second act of battle…drive directly at everybody in front of you.

That is exactly what this particular white van driver did…he drove at the three people who were standing outside of the house and then pinned them up against the wall with his van.

One of those pinned up against the wall was the boyfriend of the van drivers cousin, and the other two were his mother and his friend.

A neighbour who witnessed all of this unfolding described the scene as “terrifying.”

Fortunately, it didn’t go any further, and the white van man cooled down enough to put his Ford transit in reverse and then drive off into the night.

Not surprisingly, the Police soon caught up with him, and then a few months later he had his day in court.

An 8 month suspended sentence is what he got for that night of terror, as well as a 2 year driving ban, a fine of £2500 and £340 costs.

Not only that, but the white van man, who already had van insurance costs of £5000 a year due to a previous conviction of drink driving, said that he expected to see his insurance costs hit £15,000 a year once back on the roads.

£15,000 is a lot, no doubt, but if you do the crime then you must pay the price.

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