The Winter of Unrest – White Van Drivers Unchained

Just when you thought it was safe to go out on the roads again, the so called “white van man” has been unchained and is coming to a place near by.

Experts are calling it the “winter of unrest” where drivers of those white vans that are so commonly seen around our roads have decided to start acting out again.

All out rage? Maybe, but this is more like a discontent that can only come during those winter months. I thought that van drivers were more chilled around this time of year…I was wrong.

Take the story of a white van man who went on a crusade of destruction in a quiet residential English town. 5 stationary cars took a hit that day, as well as innocent garden walls and a shop.

It was the beginning of this winter of unrest, that’s for sure, where Police estimate many thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused that day.

8 Police cars rushed to the scene with sirens blazing, no doubt, and a state of the art helicopter was hovering above tracking the van driver as he fled on foot, running away from the havoc his van had wreaked on that quiet street.

Why did he do it? If the Police ever find him then he may very well give us some clues when questioned. Maybe the word “unrest” will appear in the official transcripts. Who knows for sure.

What about the age old rivalry between white van drivers and cyclists, has that been a spark during this winter of unrest? Yes it has, unfortunately, in an incident that was witnessed by a pedestrian on the street although there was no mobile phone footage.

Instead, it was a quick incident that happened and before you know it, the van driver was fleeing the scene…fleeing away from the act that had just been committed, a pensioner being knocked from a bicycle.

It seems the van driver got annoyed with the cyclist and then, without warning, rammed him from behind.

According to the bystander the cyclist was not injured and Police have commented that no incident has been reported, but it just goes to show you what van drivers are potentially capable of in this winter of unrest.

Of course, it’s also Christmas time and a time when workers like to go out and enjoy a drink or two after a hard day doing things. However, for one particular white van man as they are called, a drink or two turned into several and then he proceeded to drive his van home.

Not directly home though. He took a scenic detour while under the influence and then decided it would be a good idea to drive full speed through a wall and into a garden. A few too many pints then, and a lot of “unrest,” but fortunately this guy has been found guilty in a court of law.

Is it all about destruction, violence and dangerous driving though, or are there other ways this “unrest” has been seen among the white van community this winter? One incident stands out.

An incident that the driver would have got away with, had he not filmed it on his phone, and the footage later found by Police.

They were at his house for a totally different reason you see…it had nothing to with the winter of unrest, but, when searching they found footage that has led many to refer to this van driver as…

“White Hand Man!”

I won’t go into details about exactly what was on that footage, but what I will say is that it was done while he was speeding along the motorway. I’m sure you can fill in the rest of the details yourself.

Perhaps he had visited the nations favourite van insurance comparison site and got cheap quotes that would make anyone happy, but then that feeling of “unrest” came on again, and he decided to activate the video camera on his mobile phone.

Who knows for sure, but what I do know is that we must now look forward to a new year and hopefully a step away from rage and unrest. A time for the so called white van men to change their ways.

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