Ford Want Self Driving Vans on the Road by 2021

One topic I’ve talked about on this blog quite a bit is self driving vans, everyone is interested about them. Well, Ford could be first to market.

The self driving van market that is, which is expected to be worth billions of pounds in a very short amount of time.

Builders, roofers, delivery drivers, electricians, and trades people all around the country are waiting with baited breath…wondering just when one of these driverless machines will become available to buy.

The popular and well known motor company Ford are one of the major brands vying for a piece of the market, and from what I’ve been hearing they are right at the forefront of technology.

So much so that a recent statement by Ford mentioned that a self driving van could be on the market by the year 2021. The future is nearly here, it seems.

According to experts, one of the main reasons why Ford are potentially ahead of the competition when it comes to self driving vans is because they already have many years of experience in the commercial market.

Not only that, but they also own a major share in a company called “Argo AI” which many are calling the best self driving sensor hardware out there right now.

This type of Artificial Intelligence will soon be driving the van, while the owners themselves will be able to put their feet up, read the paper and enjoy a ham sandwich without being disturbed.

In my opinion, I think self driving vans is going to be a good thing for van drivers, especially the so called white van man who has been known to lose control and fly into a rage at times.

Being able to put their feet up and relax will no doubt go a long way in reducing that anger that can sometimes erupt. Who cares about a traffic jam or annoying cyclists when you are browsing social media and drinking a cup of tea? Many van drivers won’t, I’m sure.

Interestingly, Ford have been working closely with Domino’s Pizza in this self driving venture, as they look to better understand what companies want out of vehicles that have to make deliveries.

Does this mean that UK delivery drivers should start writing their resignation letters? Absolutely not, because while Ford may very well have a driverless van in 2021 that could take over the role of doing the actual driving, there will still need to be someone there to make the deliveries and take over when there are any glitches. I’m sure there are going to be many of those during the first few years.

It’s the robots that delivery drivers should fear if you ask me. Once robots start getting in the drivers seat then the traditional human delivery driver could find themselves out of a job. We are all friends now though, for now.

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