Introducing…The White Van Woman

I’ve spoken a lot recently about the so called “white van man” but reports are suggesting it is the “white van woman” that should be getting attention.

All the headlines have been about destruction, anger, drunkenness, and home movies…the “winter of unrest,” it has been called. White van men unchained.

However, a recent survey quite clearly shows us that 32% of van purchases are now made by women. Will they soon be making headlines with incidents of rage and unrest? Who knows, they might do.

One of the reasons for women getting behind the wheel of the traditional white van is because they are being used for more varied pursuits.

For example, nearly 1.5 million households have at least one van parked in the garage or on the drive, and almost half of those people admit they use it for both business and pleasure.

So a self employed business woman may very well use the van for driving around with stock during the week, and then load it up with a couple of bikes at the weekend to go and enjoy a bike ride.

Research also shows that women like to buy vans such as Ford Transits and Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, so they can travel about in style. White is the preferred colour, and Cheap Van Insurance is their favourite comparison website.

There is also more women who are getting into trades such as building, roofing, plumbing, delivery driving, and carpentry. I’m sure they all consider Cheap Van Insurance to be the number 1 website.

Applying for C1 and C1E licences is something else that women are starting to do more of, so they can start driving vehicles that are considered to be heavy…between 3500 and 7500kg.

This all benefits the van industry of course, where van sales are the best ever and van accessories are big business.

It’s estimated that between January and October of this year there are around 10.5 million internet ads relating to vans being clicked on per month. Business is good and it looks like it is only going to get better.

Sure, we talk a lot about the negative side of the van industry on this blog, what with rage and unrest…and ice cream cones being thrown around, but when it comes down to it, the news is very much good.

It becomes even better when you visit Cheap Van Insurance to get your next quote, because you instantly get to compare around 40 companies, and then it becomes easy to choose the best one.

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