Tons up all around for Van Excellence accreditation scheme

Van Excellence has, thanks in part to the C V Show, no doubt, seen its 100th customer register their application to be included in the scheme that allows van fleets to show off their above-average credentials. The scheme, officially tagged The Van Excellence Code, was conceived by an assembly of van operators who took on the role of a Governance Group rather than rely on new legislation to highlight the strengths and capabilities of the sector in its drive for excellence.

Launched just eighteen months ago, the code has been successfully attained by twenty four fleets, thirty three are under audit with forty three new fleets now registered and preparing for the auditors to ascertain what they need to do to receive the accreditation.

The makes the round ton, which in itself now covers more than 100,000 light commercial vehicles possibly having a worthy tool in their quest for cheap fleet van insurance, due to the high levels of upkeep and ongoing operational values required to gain this award.

A little like the electrical appliance conformity test, once a van or its fleet have been awarded their pass in the Van excellence Code, it will required auditing on an annual basis to reatin that stats.

Mark Cartwright, who heads up the van and LCV sector for the Freight Transport Association, overseers of the initiative, was extremely enthusiastic about reaching this milestone. He is now looking to attract smaller fleets than those on the books already who average 1,000 fleet vans within their operation. When using a tool like this to back up claims for cheap van insurance, it certainly helps the insurer gain instant perspective about how you look after and monitor your van fleet.

As well as providing extraordinary skill sets for drivers who attain the Code, as recognition and so that fleets who have taken this on board can show their prowess to the world, Cartwright is hoping to raise awareness of the organisation’s existence and hopefully use its standing to attract more van drivers into the scheme. Indeed, there is an insignia for possessing the code certificate, a marque that is becoming more recognisable as further van fleets take on the challenge and prove that they have what it takes to provide service and operation that delivers the best from their brand.

In order to shake of the white van man image, amongst other reasons, the Governance Group drafted in the equivalent to O-licensing for larger commercial vehicles, as a standard that the whole sector could look to.

Cartwright firmly believes that making such schemes as this more available, it will push up the standards of road safety everywhere. The knock on effect may be to bring van insurance down across the sector, simply as a little reward in taking a part in the scheme. It will certainly avail any company going through the testing a route to cheap van insurance where perhaps they may have struggled with nothing other than a clean license to prove their worth to the sector and automotive industry as a whole.

Thanks to further exposure at the C V Show, the code can now be seen on the side of vans who win the award, a number in itself that has reached the 100,000 mark. Early signs suggest it seems that this system will only go from strength to strength from hereon in.

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