Nissan NV400 convertible flatbed to showcase at C V Show

For those who have perhaps struggled to find cheap van insurance for their chassis cab conversions in the past, Nissan may well have the answer in their new NV400 range, to be launched at the C V show next month.

The new chassis cab range promises to be one of the most versatile on the market and the motive behind the Japanese automotive company’s presence at the NEC show between 24th and 26th April is to remind business of the diversity of its range, the new NV400 promising to be at the heart of that drive with its 13 different variations on the chassis cab theme.

From the press announcements Nissan have made in anticipation of the commercial vehicle showcase it is extremely apparent that Nissan have genuinely looked at what business needs from its vans and recognised the pressures and constraints on reducing CO2 emissions, ongoing fuel costs and van insurance savings they face by offering both a 150 and a smaller 125 BHP engine and a choice of either a mid- or long-wheelbase model.

The options don’t stop there. There will be the choice of cabs, either a single or double and, depending upon which of the thirteen variations on the theme is right for your business, front- or rear-wheel drive.

Good-to-go van range: tailored specifics with factory precision

The clincher in the deal is that many of the styles of the complete model will be available from Nissan dealerships literally ready to pull off their forecourts. This eliminates a headache often associated with buying conversion vans.

Given that the chassis cab will be available as a tipper or a dropside straight from the factory and the box, Luton, fridge, combi and minibus will have already been converted by approved specialists in the UK, there is a considerably valuable manufacturer’s warranty to go with all of those options. This will go down very well with any van insurance firm you choose to take on the responsibility of your commercial vehicle cover at the cheapest rate possible, whilst also freeing up time you would have otherwise spent dealing with third party converters to get your model just so.

But just to make doubly sure that they’re not missing a trick, Nissan will be on stand at the CV Show to talk to anyone about bespoke conversions. Any corporation in any field will only ever grow to the level at which it understands its market and Nissan are willing to listen – and act upon – any feedback or enquiry levelled at it during the three days in Birmingham at the end of next month.

The NV400 will join the Nissan commercial family alongside the existing Cabstar truck, yet another fully-customisable chassis cab base, a point that James Douglas makes, the corporate director of sales for Nissan, ahead of the event. It is their commitment to business of all shapes and sizes that they’re hoping will win them a bigger slice of the sizeable pie of the commercial vehicle market here in the UK. You have to say, they seem to have done their homework with the latest NV400.

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