Van drivers pick up more VED from Osborne

Hearing the 2012 budget, yesterday, reminded me what it was I liked about the Tory Government the last time they were in charge.  Needless to say, nothing in Osborne’s plans for our economic ‘recovery’ has changed my mind.

One of the particular aspects that will impact on van drivers straight away is that Vehicle Excise Duty is set to rise at what they have us believe is the rate of inflation.  Given that many van drivers reading this are self-employed or sub-contractors, you may be able to control what you earn or at least have a say in the matter.

If, however, you need cheap van insurance by being here and are just keeping abreast of the VED increase but are working for an employer directly, the fact that the duty is rising ‘in line with inflation’ probably means it is increasing at a rate greater than your employer is appraising your salary.  Even more reason to utilise our van insurance comparison form to try and make a little extra saving, there.

For everyone who happens upon this page, here’s an overview of what classes of commercial vehicle the rises are going to affect and by how much; all kick in as of April Fools Day – no comment, please, about who voted the Fools in in the first place, however much you may be tempted:-

  • Euro Five vans, registration period 01/01/09 onwards:
    • annual fee: £130 to £135 – up £5
    • six-month fee: £71.50 to £74.25 – up £2.75 (£5.50 annually)
  • If you registered a Euro Four van on or after 01/03/03, the above rates will be applicable to your circumstances, also
  • Vans registered pre 01/03/01 with cubic capacity engines:
    • <=1549cc: £130 to £135 – up £5
    • >1549cc: £215 to £220 – up £5
  • For any van not covered in the list above, the rate is simply £215, up £5 from £210

These increments are perhaps the last thing British Industry needs, especially for the self-employed trader, who is risking out-pricing him/herself on distance jobs where fuel is already becoming a factor, neither of which are under your control.

The one factor that still avails itself for negotiation is whether you choose to search for cheap van insurance or stick with the same old provider.  Even if you’re changing insurers, many will now offer introductory discounts on par with existing no claims bonuses, but may have additional benefits, depending upon your circumstances or may look at what you need van cover for in a different light, thus offering a possible saving on your van insurance quote.

It only takes a few minutes and you are under no obligation – what have you got to lose?  Even if you negate only the nasty little VED extra Osborne’s given us, that’s a fiver in your pocket and not the taxman’s!

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