The mechanics of the Drivesafe policy

In the last article, we had a brief overview of the AA Drivesafe insurance policy / onboard monitor.  Here, we look at how the process and the mechanics of the system work and how it could set you on the road to a future of cheaper van insurance policies through achieving and retaining greater discounts.

From an aesthetic point of view, you would hardly notice anything different. A GPS box the size of a tobacco tin is installed, which takes approximately three quarters of an hour with paperwork; this then monitors your driving skills, your speed, what carriageways you used, when travelled and cornering and braking. This information is then delivered to the driver in the way of a report, who can then take steps to improve the areas that need correcting. When certain levels are attained, a further discount is applied to the monthly premium.

You arrange the fitting of the box when you sign up for the car or van insurance and you are automatically given a discount, because of your intention to improve your driving skill. If you have had trouble with your van insurance because you have acquired a lot of points, you will also qualify for the Drivesafe campaign. The better you get, the more discount is applied until you reach optimum performance, which, as stated, could see you save up to £850 a year against a policy taken out without the Drivesafe discount.

Also at time of sign up to committing to become a better driver to qualify for the cheaper insurance – and before the GPS Drivesafe box is installed into your vehicle – you will have to have your driving license checked, your V5C certificate and what the history of your no claims bonus indicates.

Once all that has been verified and your box is fitted, you’re good to go. You can access your very own Drivesafe Dashboard to double check your progress and see if you can expect further discounts on the premium throughout the remainder of your annual policy.

Be warned, though: if your driving goes the other way, or falters for whatever reason, according to the GPS information, you may well see your premium rise!

And there is a bonus – because the box works on GPS, it doubles up as a vehicle tracking device in the event that you van is stolen, which contributes to the discounted car or van insurance you can hope to achieve. And, of course, better driving should lead to fewer claims which will help you start on that road to a healthy no claims bonus for the future, saving all around.

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